Deuxième proposition

International tennis Academy

We are an international tennis Academy with approximately 3’000 students.
We thrive on competition and make champions using an SPECIAL TRAINING METHODOLOGY that brought many tennis players to the top.


SCHOOL FOR CHAMPIONS: we make tennis champions and help junior players win international tournaments.
TENNIS FOR KIDS: we teach children not only tennis, but also important values of life and prepare them for their first competitions.
PROFESSIONAL ADULT TENNIS COACHING: we focus on intensive training and a personalized approach to reach the best results for each player.
TENNIS HOLIDAYS: we welcome students of all levels to a different holiday with professional tennis training. 
VALUES THAT MAKE A CHAMPION: we educate  players about sports culture and history and make them fall in love with tennis.
TENNIS AND MUCH MORE: around the Academy you will find plenty of activities to enjoy during your training. Golf, water sports, sailing and many other thrilling options.

We are looking for a funding from 4 million to 5 million Euros to achieve the following:
  • Remodel the current facilities and create a new club house
  • Build a hotel for the tennis students, their families and  anyone wishing to spend holidays in a sporting environment.
This 4 star hotel will be composed of 60 rooms, a spa, a professional fitness center, an indoor swimming pool and many others facilities. 
Our investment proposal will allow new shareholders or new owner(s) to join us at a key moment in the development  of this tennis Academy.
The current owners are open to any proposals for the realization of this project.
We remain available for any additional information you may deem necessary.